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Sunday Service at 10:30 at
Teen Center, Lake Elizabeth
39770 Paseo Padre Parkway, Fremont, Ca.  94538
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The Center for Spiritual Living-Fremont is a spiritual community where you are encouraged to find and live from your authentic self. We honor the many paths to God, for while there are many names and paths, we believe they all ultimately lead to the same Infinite Spirit.

Love is Blessing You!

Dr. Jay and Dr. Cynthia

We believe in Spiritual Living

At Center for Spiritual Living, We share a philosophy that inspires us to focus on how to think, not what to think. We subscribe to a set of Spiritual Principles by which we live. We won't tell you we have all the answers; rather, we will remind you that your answers are already within you.

We believe in a world that works for everyone

Center for Spiritual Living is made up of people just like you - young, mature, single, coupled, parents - people from all walks of life, coming together to transform, live, build dreams, and reveal love.

Welcome Home

Spend a few Sundays with us, and you will discover an environment that promotes a positive and intentional way of living.

Join us for an experience filled with music, inspiration, laughter, and learning. It's an event that will inspire you long after the service ends!


Featured Artist for Sunday Services at 10:30 AM

  • October 26 - Rod Loomis
  • November 2 - Featured Artist: Rolf Jaeger
  • November 9 - Featured Artist: Cecile Woods
  • November 16 - Featured Artist: The Spiritual Dimensions
  • November 23 - Featured Artist: Amitabhan
  • November 30 - Featured Artist: Kalyani

Upcoming Services
  • Sunday Service - November 2

    The New Gratitude - Dr. Cynthia Cavalcanti
    Featured Artist: Rolf Jaeger
    Practitioners of the Day: TBA / TBA
    Special Event: Glenn Jones Book Signing, A Watercourse Valley, at Teen Center following...

  • Sunday Service - November 9

    Finding the Fountain of Spirit - Dr. Jay Scott Neale
    Featured Artist: Cecile Woods
    Practitioners of the Day: TBA / TBA
    Special Event: Harvest Dinner at Teen Center, appetizers at 6:30 PM, dinner at...

  • Sunday Service - November 16

    And Even THIS Is Good! - Rev. Darlene Sykes
    Featured Artist: The Spiritual Dimensions
    Practitioners of the Day: TBA / TBA

  • Sunday Service - November 23

    Gratitude Power Sunday - Dr. Cynthia Cavalcanti, Dr. Jay Scott Neale, Rev. Linda Anson, Cathy Day R.Sc.P., Jerri Bowen R.Sc.P., and Madi Metz
    Featured Artist: Amitabhan
    Practitioners of the Day: TBA...

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Classes