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Our Pastor and Ministers

Dr. Jay Scott Neale, Senior Pastor and Founder of Center for Spiritual Living-Fremont
Author of The Power of Positive Purpose, Dr. Jay Scott Neale has been pastor of the Center for Spiritual Living in Fremont, California, for 40 years.  He began his studies at Founders Church in Southern California where his early teachers included influential leaders in the New Thought movement, e.g., Fenwicke Holmes, William Hornaday, and Craig Carter.

A joyful and power teacher, Jay takes a humor-filled approach, challenging people to wake up to their spiritual potential and take charge of their lives.  He states, "I believe we have a teaching the world is longing to embody.  My heart, mind, and energy are committed to this great purpose."  Contact info:  510-796-9955

Assistant Ministers

Rev. Lacy Atkinson, Assistant Minister
Rev. Lacy Atkinson is one of three Assistant Ministers at the Center for Spiritual Living. He is a regular featured speaker on Sunday mornings, has taught accredited classes and has led the 4-T and Keys To

The Kingdom classes the past several years. He has served on the Religious Science International Young Adult and Youth Board and has presented classes for the young adult and teen groups. Being a retired Deputy Fire Chief of San Jose, he has executive experience in addition to his years as a Religious Science Minister.  Contact info: 408-286-8644

Dr. Cynthia Cavalcanti, Assistant Minister
Dr. Cynthia Cavalcanti is Assistant Minister of Center for Spiritual Living–Fremont. She was first introduced to the Science of Mind teaching in Atlanta, where she studied with Dr. Kennedy Shultz. After moving to California, she continued her studies with Dr. Arleen Bump and Dr.s Frank and Anita Richelieu. In addition to her Science of Mind training, Dr. Cynthia has garnered impressive academic credentials. The recipient of a National Science Foundation research grant, she holds degrees in Anthropology and Religion, and dreams of someday earning a Master of Fine Arts in poetry. She is happily married to Dr. Jay Scott Neale.

Staff Ministers

Rev. Bob Ahrenkeil, Staff Minister
Rev. Bob Ahrenkeil is a staff minister with the center. He became a licensed Practitioner in 2001 and received his ministerial license in 2003.

Rev. Bob is the creator and leader of the men’s group “The Sun Circle,” is part of the Center’s "outreach ministry", a volunteer hospital chaplain and vice president of the Tri-City interfaith ministers association.  Contact info:  510-284-7969

Rev. Barbara Caldwell, Staff Minister Rev. Barbara grew up in Religious Science which she started attending as a preschooler in Monterey, and was raised on Principle, as taught by Ernest Holmes. She became a Licensed Practitioner in 2003, and a Licensed Minister in 2009. This teaching is a philosophy with practical application. According to Ernest Holmes, "…what we draw from It [Universal Mind] we must draw through the channel of our own minds." (SOM Pg. 40) As the Staff Minister of Meditation, Rev. Barbara enjoys leading a lightly guided meditation on Sundays, during which she reminds us we are taught, "It is done unto you AS YOU BELIEVE." During meditations we develop this technique by quieting our minds and imagining from the visualization of what we desire already existing perfect, whole, and complete. We know it is so and expect to see the demonstration in our lives.  Contact info:  650-888-9344

Rev. Carolyn Cash, Staff Minister
Rev. Carolyn Cash, Staff Minister with the center. She became a licensed Practitioner in 1984 and received her ministerial license in 1995. Rev. Carolyn was ordained in 2004. She has taught Science of Mind classes as well as several metaphysical classes and workshops that she developed. She has also presented seminars reflecting her interests from her past experience in the health field and works with cases of bereavement and is a grief counselor. Rev. Carolyn is also a Registered Nurse.  Contact info:  925-254-8195

“Do not follow where my path may lead. Go instead, where there is no path to follow and leave a trail.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Rev. Sharon Forche-Daniel, Senior Staff Minister
Rev. Sharon Forche-Daniel with the center. She became a licensed Practitioner in 1981 and received her ministerial license in 1985.

Rev. Sharon was ordained in 1999 and was the first non-pastoral minister to become ordained through Religious Science International (RSI). She taught summer Science of Mind (SOM) classes for many years. She has also taught SOM 100, 200, 300 and Practicum. She is the ministerial liaison for the Center for Spiritual Living Practitioners.  Contact info:  209-836-1050

“Our work is simple. It is direct. Let us keep it that way.” Ernest Holmes

Rev. Jane Holt, Staff Minister
Ordained in 2010, Rev. Jane has been a licensed minister of Religious Science since 2003, and a Practitioner since 1987. Her related Science of Mind training began in Hawaii with Rev. Helen Paredes/Street and continued in California with Drs. Maxine Kaye, Carol Neale and Jaine Ryder.

Having returned to Fremont CSL in the fall of 2008, Rev. Jane now serves in various capacities: speaking, teaching/facilitating book studies and classes, and coordinating the volunteers. She was a long-time contributor to "Creative Thought" magazine, as well as a member of the CSL practitioner online team. She now serves as guest speaker at other centers.

Rev. Jane brings a wide range of skills and experience to her ministry. She has worked in both the for-profit and not-for-profit fields and in areas such as leadership development in a variety of multi-cultural venues. She has a Master’s Degree in Public Health (Health Education and Gerontology) and is currently employed full-time with the Health Education management team of a health maintenance organization. She resides in Concord, CA.  Contact info:  925-825-1449

Rev. Andrea Scheib, Staff Minister
Rev. Andrea Scheib is a staff minister with the center and the Minister of Junior Church and the Youth. She became a licensed Practitioner in 2004 and received her ministerial license in 2005. Andrea has a Master's Degree in Education and works with young children in a home based business. She is also a licensed Red Cross CPR and First Aid instructor.

Rev. Andrea and Rev. Celeste have teamed up as the Ministers of Youth at center, working primarily with our preschoolers. 

Contact info:  925-876-0972

"Nothing happens by chance in the universe."  Ernest Holmes

Rev. Sue TenEyck, Staff Minister
Rev. Sue TenEyck is a staff minister with the center. She is responsible for the organization of the bookstore and has been a licensed Science of Mind practitioner for seven years, is involved in senior outreach, and is a senior citizen commissioner of the city of Fremont.  Contact info:  510-797-2457



Rev. Celeste Terken, Staff Minister
Rev. Celeste Terken became a licensed Practitioner in 2001 and received her ministerial license in 2004. She was ordained September 11, 2009. Rev. Celeste earned her Doctorate in Religious Studies from the Emerson Theological Institute in December of 2011. She has written a book entitled “Mind – Your Own Business”. She has served on numerous committees for improving the educational curricula of Centers for Spiritual Living. She serves CSL Fremont as a teaching assistant to Dr. Jay Scott Neale as well as being the “webelf” for administrative and educational history. She has taught in depth classes, children’s classes and authored an online version of Emerson’s essays as an accredited class. Ask about her chart of New Thought History.

Rev Dr Celeste brings a wealth of knowledge and experience having been a Religious Scientist her entire adult life. Her personal mission statement is “To have God experience a great time by means of me.”

Celeste Terken Staff Minister Center for Spiritual Living Fremont California 510 818-1130

Rev. Harriet Topczewski, Staff Minister
Rev. Harriet Topczewski discovered Religious Science in the early 1990’s. After hearing about the teaching she was very excited and went in pursuit of a church. In the outskirts of Chicago she found the Oak Park Church, where Reverends Harriet and Christopher Smolka became her first teachers.

In 2001 Harriet decided it was time to make some changes. She wanted to relocate from Chicago and also move into the ministry. She did her Treatment work at Asilomar that year. Afterward, she attended a service at the Tri-City Church where she heard Dr. Jay announce he would be starting a new ministerial class in two months. She made a decision to relocate to Fremont and continue her studies at Tri-City Church.

Today Harriet is a staff minister and is beginning a prison outreach ministry. She also has over ten years experience in Recreational Therapy with older adults and is finding ways to incorporate spirituality into senior programs. She works for a non-profit senior day health center where older adults get to re-connect with themselves.

Harriet’s mission is simple: To foster individual transformation through the healing Presence and revelation of Spiritual Truth.  Contact info:  510-209-6399


Affiliated Focus Ministry

Rev. Christie Hardwick, Affiliated Focus Minister
Rev. Christie Hardwick joined the Center for Spiritual Living- Fremont, CA in 2001 after hearing Rev Dar in a SOM 101 class on a Monday night. She went on to become a regular featured artist and attended classes consistently for six years.

She served on the board for several years working in the area of organization development and membership and became a licensed practitioner and minister in 2007.

Christie utilizes her more than twenty year career in industry where she helped develop leaders and organizations both in the for profit and public benefit corporate environments. She also uses her work within the public school system and her former political organizing work to enrich her ministry.

Her ministry is a focus ministry which is growing designation for our teaching. She is currently one of a little over two dozen. Her focus ministry is Leadership Development. She is currently assisting leaders nationally and internationally to reveal and revise the underlying beliefs from which they are leading to greatly improve their intentional impact on their world.

In addition to her primary practice as an executive coach, she is a guest minister at both Centers for Spiritual Living and Universalist Unitarian meeting houses and facilitates leadership and strategy forums for clients across the country.

For further information check out her web sites at www.spiritedcontribution.com and www.inspirationgatherings.org Contact info: 650-729-2152

Upcoming Services
  • Sunday Service - May 29

    Power Talks - Cathy Day, R.Sc.P. , Amanda Mintier, and Glenn Jones, R.Sc.P.
    Featured Artist: Duane Day
    Practitioners of the Day: Rick / Barbara

  • Sunday Service - June 5

    Nowness of Consciousness - Dr. Jay
    We are a Divinely created manifestation of Universal Intelligence and Wisdom.
    Featured Artist: The Spiritual Dimensions
    Practitioners of the Day: TBA / TBA

  • Sunday Service - June 12

    The Power of Calm Anticipation - Dr. Jay
    We let go and let the Creative Process, as us focus on the good, the true and the perfect.
    Featured Artist: Freddie Weber
    Practitioners of the Day: TBA / TBA

  • Sunday Service - June 19

    How To Be The Prosperity Of God - Dr. Jay
    How to flow from one success to another with joy.
    Featured Artist: Deanna Mullins
    Practitioners of the Day: TBA / TBA

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